1. What is a QR code?
A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of a black and white pixel pattern which allows to encode up to a few hundred characters. Today’s smartphones and tablets are able to recognize and decode them exceptionally fast - it’s not surprising that QR stands for Quick Response.

2. How are QR codes used?
Due to the widespread use of smartphones, QR Codes are mosly used for mobile marketing purposes these days. Marketers benefit from QR Codes by being able to add digital content like websites, videos, PDFs, image galleries or contact details to printed media such as flyers, posters, catalogues and business cards.

3. How can I create a QR code?
With a QR Code Generator a QR Code can be created within seconds and in three simple steps. At first, choose the function for your Code. Secondly, enter the content that you want to provide your customers and optionally give it a unique look by adjusting the colors and uploading a logo into it. Finished with that? Then your Code is ready for downloading and printing.

4. Is it possible to customize QR Codes?
Yes. Thanks to a high error tolerance level, it is possible to modify QR Codes to a certain degree without influencing its legibility at all. For example, you can choose new fore- and background colours, place your company logo right in the middle of the Code and change the design of the three distinctive corner points. Remember to make sure that your Code actually works by testing it practically with several smartphones and QR Code readers.

5. What do I have to consider before printing?
We recommend to use high resolution file formats for printing. PNG files are suitable. The latter two are especially useful for bigger print sizes as they can be enlarged without any quality losses. To be on the safe side always do a practical test before publishing.

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